Rattan Clouds

15 March 2015

Rattan Clouds is a collection of modular rattan capsules configured for seating, storage, display and lighting.

Long Bar Office

13 June 2014

A long bar facilitates and anchors the support system for an office.

Fragmented Landscape

12 May 2013

Fragmented landscape interventions along vehicular and pedestrian trajectories introduces human scale and public activity areas to a business complex.


31 March 2012

Co-working office draws inspiration from the neighbourhood, cumulating in a hodgepodge of forms on a colourful strip.

Beauty Blocks

12 August 2011

Ample pathways formed by different user-patterns shape 3 unique office volumes, creating a miniaturized city block experience.

Thin Office

1 August 2010

Thin office provides a blank canvas for two offices to operate amidst flexible working facilities and casual niches.