Anjali Chocolat

30 March 2015

Staggered shelving for both adults and children form the blocks for a chocolate retail while an overhanging shelf extends for the school.

Bread & Hearth

13 June 2014

Brick is pushed to its boundaries as a building block and brand identity for an artisanal bakery.

The Pixel Café

16 November 2012

The art frame is given a new twist and perspective by extruding it into a box, creating a pixelated wall, inspired by coffee bean hues.

The Brick Garden

4 November 2012

Shrinking footprint creates a nostalgic brick wall that snakes around an existing open courtyard.

The Tastings Room

1 August 2011

A U-shaped band of black volumes reminiscent of wine bottles, encapsulate singular hues while being sandwiched between industrial aesthetics.