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The Plan

The Plan

Published by Centauro srl, Italy

#59, July/August 2012

6 Japanese Houses

“These six Japanese houses explore different lifestyle concepts in urban and rural settings. The projects present a varying weave of geometries and volumes to cater for a wide range of occupant requirements…the Singapore-based architect practice, designed this residence known as the Hansha Reflection House.  The cantilevered living area on the upper floor reaches out towards the park, its large asymmetrical picture window protruding into the room. The telescope-effect this produces brings the natural environment right into the room.”

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Frame’s Night Fever 3

Night Fever 3

Published by Frame Publishers,  Netherlands

Marlous van Rossum-Willems,

June, 2012

The Tastings Room is featured in Frame’s highly successful hospitality series Night Fever 3.

Night Fever 3 presents 129 interiors – restaurants, bars and clubs, and hotels – offering a detailed look at the cutting-edge approach of their creators. Presented over 600 pages are a variety of designs from subtle to stunning, monochromatic to vibrant and low-budget to exorbitant. Today, designers distil a venue’s essence – be it the flavours of its menu or the ambiance of its party scene – and incorporate it in the interior, often working with aspects of its setting to create a certain atmosphere. The selected venues featured in Night Fever 3, which all opened within the past three years, were created by young studios and world-renowned design firms.”

The Sky’s the Limit – Applying Radical Architecture

The Sky's the Limit

Published by Die Gestalten Verlag , Germany

R. Klanten,

May, 2012

Hansha Reflection House is featured in Gestalten’s latest architectural publication “The Sky’s the Limit – Applying Radical Architecture”.  Other featured projects in this publication include works by Zaha Hadid, UN Studio, Toyo Ito amongst others.

The Sky’s the Limit serves as a compelling and international exploration of these seemingly impossible, yet surprisingly practical structures and spaces by both young and established talents. Within the book, spectacularly formed permanent buildings mingle alongside expressive interiors and exteriors for both temporary projects and urban interventions.”

“This monolithic residence derives its striking exterior from the programatic needs of the interior. After carving out space for the courtyard, parking of three cars, and a roof deck, the mass is chiseled further to accommodate the structure, daylight, ventilation, and optimal views. With an extensive 3.2 meter wooden cantilever, the house shrugs off the formal expectations of a traditional box dwelling. A centrally-placed window nestles itself into the center of this cantilever, pulling the surrounding surfaces inward while directing views outward.”



Published by A&C Publishing Co. Ltd, South Korea

#94, May, 2012

Emporis “10 Spectacular Japanese Design”


Emporis selects Hansha Reflection House as one of 10 spectacular architecture designs in Japan.

“The worldwide editors of Emporis have chosen 10 buildings in Japan for their spectacular architecture. The structures impress not only in their appearance, but also for their design philosophy, ingenuity and interesting use of materials.”

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Published by Design Diffusion World, Italy

#33, April, 2012

La Filosofia Della Buona Tavola – The Philosophy of Good Food

“The air is heavy with elegance in the ‘Tasting Room’, an exquisite restaurant-wine bar in Singapore.  The convenient prices and the delightful à la carte menu promise to be the key to success of this restaurant, a chic ambience designed by Studio SKLIM.”

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