Sloping Slab

30 May 2013

Sloping terrain inspires an ecological entrance building to be nestled in its topography.

Fragmented Landscape

12 May 2013

Fragmented landscape interventions along vehicular and pedestrian trajectories introduces human scale and public activity areas to a business complex.

The Brick Garden

4 November 2012

Shrinking footprint creates a nostalgic brick wall that snakes around an existing open courtyard.

Hansha Reflection House

4 August 2011

Hansha Reflection House is a specific residence set to address the ephemeral moments of the surroundings with structural ingenuity and material sublimity.

360° Kiosks

1 March 2007

360° kiosks utilise rotating sections to transform a narrow site for adaptive reuse.

Oru Kiosks

1 September 2006

Origami folds structurally inspire a set of kiosks simultaneously creating both retail and public seating facilities.