Ombré Patchwork Apartment

12 April 2017

Ombré timber tones are patch worked onto timber panels that gradually transition the space towards increasing privacy and warmth.

Anjali Chocolat

30 March 2015

Staggered shelving for both adults and children form the blocks for a chocolate retail while an overhanging shelf extends for the school.

Rattan Clouds

15 March 2015

Rattan Clouds is a collection of modular rattan capsules configured for seating, storage, display and lighting.

Long Bar Office

13 June 2014

A long bar facilitates and anchors the support system for an office.

Bread & Hearth

13 June 2014

Brick is pushed to its boundaries as a building block and brand identity for an artisanal bakery.

The Pixel Café

16 November 2012

The art frame is given a new twist and perspective by extruding it into a box, creating a pixelated wall, inspired by coffee bean hues.

The Brick Garden

4 November 2012

Shrinking footprint creates a nostalgic brick wall that snakes around an existing open courtyard.


31 March 2012

Co-working office draws inspiration from the neighbourhood, cumulating in a hodgepodge of forms on a colourful strip.

Beauty Blocks

12 August 2011

Ample pathways formed by different user-patterns shape 3 unique office volumes, creating a miniaturized city block experience.

The Tastings Room

1 August 2011

A U-shaped band of black volumes reminiscent of wine bottles, encapsulate singular hues while being sandwiched between industrial aesthetics.

Thin Office

1 August 2010

Thin office provides a blank canvas for two offices to operate amidst flexible working facilities and casual niches.

Nokia Jigsaw

1 July 2010

Double loop organisation anchors new Nokia Experience Centre, creating an interlocking jigsaw of programs and curvaceous forms.

Redhill Apartment

1 August 2009

Cultural habits, climatic conditions and a call for pragmatics come together in a wood-infused apartment.

360° Kiosks

1 March 2007

360° kiosks utilise rotating sections to transform a narrow site for adaptive reuse.

Oru Kiosks

1 September 2006

Origami folds structurally inspire a set of kiosks simultaneously creating both retail and public seating facilities.

The Equatorial Wrap

1 December 2004

Flexible partitions form part of a material wrap to transform privacy/public thresholds.